Thursday, March 31, 2011

Life Span of Rock Climbing Shoes?

After a few years of doing product demos, I am finding that I am asked some standard questions that require very professional and thought out answers. The big thing I find, is that by answering these questions with "WE", "OUR", or "US", my answers are more of a group effort apposed to just my personal opinion which is usually met with a lot less resistance.

The most asked comment/question I receive is,
"I have only had these shoes for 4 months and I am very unhappy that they fell apart so quickly, what are YOU going to do to help me"? Along with the comment is the usual upset look and the stare down. This is a fun situation in that, each customer is different in how they react to my "standard" reply.

"Standard Reply"
"I do apologize for how quickly your Evolv climbing shoes have worn out"
"How long have you been climbing in the Evolv product"?
"How long have you been climbing"?
"Are these your first pair of climbing shoes"?
"Did you happen to purchase them as a comfy fit(big)"?
"How many times per week do you climb"?
"Are these your only pair of climbing shoes"?
"Do you mostly climb indoors"?
Size of climber is obvious.

After evaluating the situation, I execute my answer as tactfully as possible.

"We at Evolv pride ourselves on producing the best product in the industry". Depending on how many days per week you climb, how many pairs of shoes you ware per that week, how often you climb indoors, what model of climbing shoe you currently own, and the size of climber you are.

3 days per week + 1 pair + 3 days per week indoors + Defys + 200ish pounds = 6 months to 1 year, which is what the unhappy climber had them for.

I explain that, if they are learning how to climb, if their shoes are a "comfy" fit, if they climb 3 to 4 days per week indoors and if they are a larger(muscular) climber:), that the product may only last 6 months to a year or so. I explain to them about Evolv's Variable Thickness Rand and how that is designed to prolong the life of the climbing shoe, IF THAT SHOE IS TAKEN CARE OF PROPERLY. Keep the shoe out of the sun, wash the shoes from time to time, indoor climbing is very rough on climbing shoes, make sure the model of shoes you purchased, soft, stiff, etc. are a good pair for your size.

The best part of this story is that, right after my second unhappy Evolv climbing shoe owner, came this tiny young lady that wanted to thank Evolv for producing such a great, long lasting product.
She just purchased a new pair of Electras because her old pair of Athenas lasted her 7 YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
She climbed in them 3 days per week or so without any gaps in her climbing other than being sick a few times. CRAZY COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I do believe that Evolv produces the best product in the industry and if taken care of properly, the new answer when asked, "how long should the Evolv product last"?



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