Thursday, March 31, 2011

Life Span of Rock Climbing Shoes?

After a few years of doing product demos, I am finding that I am asked some standard questions that require very professional and thought out answers. The big thing I find, is that by answering these questions with "WE", "OUR", or "US", my answers are more of a group effort apposed to just my personal opinion which is usually met with a lot less resistance.

The most asked comment/question I receive is,
"I have only had these shoes for 4 months and I am very unhappy that they fell apart so quickly, what are YOU going to do to help me"? Along with the comment is the usual upset look and the stare down. This is a fun situation in that, each customer is different in how they react to my "standard" reply.

"Standard Reply"
"I do apologize for how quickly your Evolv climbing shoes have worn out"
"How long have you been climbing in the Evolv product"?
"How long have you been climbing"?
"Are these your first pair of climbing shoes"?
"Did you happen to purchase them as a comfy fit(big)"?
"How many times per week do you climb"?
"Are these your only pair of climbing shoes"?
"Do you mostly climb indoors"?
Size of climber is obvious.

After evaluating the situation, I execute my answer as tactfully as possible.

"We at Evolv pride ourselves on producing the best product in the industry". Depending on how many days per week you climb, how many pairs of shoes you ware per that week, how often you climb indoors, what model of climbing shoe you currently own, and the size of climber you are.

3 days per week + 1 pair + 3 days per week indoors + Defys + 200ish pounds = 6 months to 1 year, which is what the unhappy climber had them for.

I explain that, if they are learning how to climb, if their shoes are a "comfy" fit, if they climb 3 to 4 days per week indoors and if they are a larger(muscular) climber:), that the product may only last 6 months to a year or so. I explain to them about Evolv's Variable Thickness Rand and how that is designed to prolong the life of the climbing shoe, IF THAT SHOE IS TAKEN CARE OF PROPERLY. Keep the shoe out of the sun, wash the shoes from time to time, indoor climbing is very rough on climbing shoes, make sure the model of shoes you purchased, soft, stiff, etc. are a good pair for your size.

The best part of this story is that, right after my second unhappy Evolv climbing shoe owner, came this tiny young lady that wanted to thank Evolv for producing such a great, long lasting product.
She just purchased a new pair of Electras because her old pair of Athenas lasted her 7 YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
She climbed in them 3 days per week or so without any gaps in her climbing other than being sick a few times. CRAZY COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I do believe that Evolv produces the best product in the industry and if taken care of properly, the new answer when asked, "how long should the Evolv product last"?


Thursday, January 13, 2011

Art Website

I thought it would be kind of neat to have my artwork somewhere where folks cold see it or even buy it. Here is the link to the site where I hope my artwork will be seen.
portraits drawings
child portrait drawings

Monday, November 1, 2010

Durango X Rock clean up

The Durango XRock clean up was awesome!

XRock is the oldest established climbing area within Durango. Josh and his Kling Mountain Guide group did an awesome job putting all of the logistics together creating wonderful new and improved trails, replacing old anchors and adding new ones. Not only did folks dig, move rocks and establish new trails, everyone gave a hand in picking up trash as well. The strangest thing they had found was a rotting skunk carcase. Yes, they cleaned it up and got it the heck out of there, thank god, it stank something fierce.

Backcountry Experience, Pine Needle Mountaineering, Gardeswartz Outdoors, Ska Brewing, Durango Parks and Recreation, San Juan College, Evolv, Metolius, Trails 2000, Leave No Trace, Access Fund, and Outdoor Pursuits were all supporters in the first annual crag clean up. All the supporters gave out great stuff to all the participants for their hard work and efforts. Ska Brewery had a great after party with lots of great beer and brats for all that were involved.

X Rock

Getting ready to clean.

Skunk be gone.

Participants receive goodies for their hard work.

Ska Brewery gave us a tour!

Evolv team member Byron and local fireman Dan psyched!!

MMMMMMM, bbbbbbeeeeeerrrrrrrrr.

Come on, we had to get some climbing in.


More goodness.

The Box Car Boulder.

All in all, the event was super cool and everyone had a great time.
Thanks Durango.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Shoes Heading out to Haiti

On Sunday afternoon and evening, Cyn and I met with an awesome lady who is now are connection I Haiti. As we all know, Haiti was rocked by a powerful earthquake, killing thousands and injuring masses to large to count. In all that craziness, people were losing limbs at an alarming rate, and with the heath care being that of a 3rd would country, people are forces to get by on what ever is around. I had heard of the plight and after speaking with my man EZ Harrison and Brian at the trade show, we all came up with a plan of getting our sample shoes out to people who need them. Being an amputee myself, my heart goes out to these groups, and here in the states I’ve been able to pass our shoes out to the ones who need them. But, then Haiti came along with the mess there and I wanted to step in, enter Alice. She is working with a doctor there and his clinic to pass on our shoes to the ones who need them, we are passing on not just approach shoes, but flip flops since the tropics are a bit toasty and we try to fit them the best we can.
As we talked with Alice, she filled us in on the day to day there and it makes you want to cry. If , through the generosity of Evolv, we can help in any way, we were psyched to step in and help out. Brian and Donny made sure I had the shoes in plenty of time and last night she picked them up on her way to New York to meet with the doc’s team and get ready for the trip over. We will keep sending shoes as long as there is a need, and you can’t believe how a small act on our part, impacts the greater world.
Super cool. A huge thanks to the Evolv team, showing the world, again, how cool the vibe we own really is.

Story and photo by Evolv athlete, Craig Demartino.

Monday, October 4, 2010

October Events

 October events in our Rocky Mountain area:

Oct 7- R&J 1 comp.
Oct 8- Lakewood Rec Center Comp.
Oct 9- Wilderness Exchange Parking Lot Gear Swap.
Oct 14- Reel Rock Tour- CO Springs.
Oct 15-22- Stone Age Prime 8 climbing festival.
Oct 23- Santa Fe Climbing Center Comp.
Oct 23- Spot SBS Comp.
Oct 28- San Juan College Comp.
Oct 30- Durango Co. Clean Up through Backcountry Experience. 
Oct 30- Adams State College Comp CCS.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Paradox Sports Vedauwoo climbing weekend

Subject: Paradox Sports Vedauwoo climbing weekend September 10th, 11th, and 12th
Hi Gang,
You are receiving this email because you have expressed interest in coming to our climbing weekend up in Vedauwoo, Wyoming. Named after an old Arapaho indian name meaning "earth-born", Vedauwoo is a magical place of tumbled rocks, winding trails, dark skies and near-constant wind. It is wild Wyoming at its best. It also happens to offer world-class rock climbing at all levels, great mountain biking, hiking and star-gazing. At an altitude of around 8,000 feet it is a wonderful respite from the heat of Denver and Boulder but that altitude also bring cold nights and the possibility of wild storms.

We are about 2 weeks away from our Vedauwoo climbing weekend September 10th, 11th, and 12th. We are really excited to see everyone and get some climbing in. Along with climbing Vedauwoo offers some great mountain biking, hiking, trail running, stargazing and fishing. If none of those are your interest just come out anyway and hang. Vedauwoo is a fee area. You will be able to get in with your National Parks Pass. For those of you with disabilities it is FREE for you with your Access Pass. Here is information on how to obtain your Access Pass

Here are a few links with information on Vedauwoo: 


From Denver Take I-25 North to Cheyenne. From Cheyenne go West about 30 miles on I-80 to the Vedauwoo Road, Exit 329. If you are headed there from Laramie, it is about 18 miles east on I-80 to the exit. It takes about 2 hours to get there from Denver/Boulder. Map 


From Denver Take I-25 North to Cheyenne. From Cheyenne go West about 30 miles on I-80 to the Vedauwoo Road, Exit 329. If you are headed there from Laramie, it is about 18 miles east on I-80 to the exit. It takes about 2 hours to get there from Denver/Boulder. Map 

The Plan: 

Friday September 10th - Arrival at Vedauwoo. We will setup our camping site and depending on arrival time climb a few pitches. All meals will be the responsibility of the participant. Paradox Sports will provide a camp kitchen. 

Saturday September 11th - Climbing, Biking, Fishing, or hanging out. Breakfast and Lunch will be the responsibility of the participant. Dinner will be provided by Paradox Sports. 

Sunday September 12th - More Climbing, Biking, Fishing, or hanging out. Depart when you need to. 


There are no hotels at Vedauwoo so we will be camping. Since the camping will be first-come, first serve, our local crew will go up there a day early and try to secure the group camping sites. If these aren't available look for Paradox signs and directions. Bring the following:
Bring a good tent (remember the wind)
A sleeping bag that will keep you warm to freezing
A sleeping pad. 
Flashlight or headlamp (better)
1 Bundle of firewood
Camp chair
Personal necessities: toiletries, sunscreen, hand lotion, first-aid stuff (See: offwidth climbing)

Food and Cooking: 
Paradox Sports will provide dinner on Saturday night. All other meals and food are your responsibility. We will have cooking facilities set up and have pot and pans available. As with any large group of uncertain lineage, however, it would be wise of you to bring a small backpacking stove and pots if you have them. In addition, be sure to bring your own:
Fork, knife and spoon
Drinking cup
Insulated cup
Trash bag
Cooler with ice
For breakfast we recommend cold or hot cereal or granola (don't forget the milk or yogurt), fruit, coffee and juice. Lunches should be snack bars, fruit and munchies. Sandwiches if you like them. Dinner? Be creative. Saturday night will be spaghetti, salad, bread and wine. Don't forget appetizer stuff. Cheese, sausage, crackers and Cheetos are favorites. Don't forget personal (adult) beverages.

The weather is wild and unpredictable: it could be blazing hot and, half an hour later, it could be freezing, windy and raining. In addition, the rock is very coarse so tough and bulletproof clothes are a must. Here is our recommendation:
Tough cotton shorts
2 t-shirts
long-sleeve pullover top that won't get trashed by the rock (rugby shirts used to be cool)
Long pants that are tough. (Carharts are a favorite)
Sun hat
Beanie or warm hat
Fleece jacket
Down sweater
Rain coat

In order to purchase the correct amount of food and secure the correct size of campsite we would like for you to RSVP to me ( if you are coming for sure. We need your response by Tuesday September 7th.

If you have any other questions or concerns please let me know. 

See you in two weeks! 

Chad Butrick
Paradox Sports
(303) 210-1996
Paradox Sports provides inspiration, opportunities and equipment to the disabled community, empowering their pursuit of a life of excellence through human-powered outdoor sports.
Paradox Sports is a U.S. I.R.S 501(c)(3) Charitable Organization. Tax ID# 26-0153796.

Please consider the environment before printing this e-mail.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Territory Evolv Dealers

Hey team, I thought it might be a great idea if I acquainted you with our dealers in the areas you live.

There have been a couple of new dealers that I have opened in last few months that I thought it would be great if you could stop by from time to time and just hello.

There are also dealers that I have been working to get, that it would also be great if you were in the area, to stop in and say hello.

Thanks team, I really appreciate your help to continue to move Evolv into the #1 ranking climbing shoe company in the world.

Backcountry Experience- Durango,CO
Bent Gate Mountaineering- Golden,CO
Estes Park Mountain Shop- Estes,CO
Jax Outdoor Gear- Ft Collins, Loveland, Lafayette,CO
Montbell America- Boulder,CO
Mountain Chalet- Co Springs,CO
Neptune Mountaineering- Boulder,CO
Outdoor Diva- Boulder,CO
The Boot Dr- Telluride,CO
Rock'n & Jam'n 1- Thorton, 2 Englewood,CO
Rock N Roll Sports- Gunnison, CO
Summit Canyoneering- Glenn wood Springs, Grand Junction,CO
The Mountain Shop- Ft Collins,CO
The Trailhead- Buena Vista,CO
Ute Mountaineer- Aspen,CO
Wilderness Exchange- Denver,CO

Accounts I am trying to get that if you are in the area, stop by and say hello.
Bristlecone Mtn Sports- Basalt, CO
Ouray Mountain Sports- Ouray,CO
The Edge Pack and Paddle- Pueblo,CO

New Mexico
Mudd N Flood- Taos, NM
Stone Age- Albuquerque, NM

South Dakota
Granite Sports- Hill City, SD
Take A Hike- Rapid City, SD

Al's Sporting Goods- Logan, UT
Black Diamond- SLC, UT
Camp Saver- Logan, UT
Canyon Sports- SLC, UT
Gear Heads- Moab,UT
Hansen Mountaineering- Orem, UT
Kirkhams Outdoor Products- SLC, UT
Mountain Works- Provo, UT
Pagan Mountaineering- Moab, UT
The Maple Leaf Company- Ephram, UT
Utah Mountain Sport- SLC, UT

Eclosure Climbing Center- Jackson, WY
Teton Mountaineering- Jackson, WY
WIld Iris Mountain Sports- Lander, WY

Accounts I am trying to get that if you are in the area, stop by and say hello.
The Great Outdoors- Pinedale, WY
Sunlight Sports- Cody, WY